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For Staff

Q. What type of training will I be given?
A. All mandatory as required by H&S, Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) and Social Care Wales (SCW). All service user specific training as identified by the needs of each service user and/or staff.

Q. Do staff have the opportunity for overtime?
A. Yes, however it is important to maintain a work life balance

Q. Are there in-house promotional opportunities?
A. Yes with experience, skills and qualifications. We actively promote opportunities for staff to progress, i.e. “grow our own”. We support individual staff to attain higher qualifications to enable promotion and career development within our service.

Q. As an employee am I able to make recommendations for improving service delivery, opportunities for staff etc?
A. Yes, we have a staff suggestion scheme which staff are able to contribute to. Questions raised or comments made are responded to by senior management ASAP, and ideas that staff have had that are taken up by the organisation/teams is attributed to the individual making the recommendation. Staff are also able to offer ideas during their supervision and appraisal meetings, team meetings, during QA inspections or Director of Care visits, and the Responsible Individual visits as part of our compliance with CIW registration requirements.

Service Users/ Families

Q. Who will oversee my care (package)?
A. The Director of Care along with the MDT involved in an individual’s care.

Q. How do I refer myself to Treherne Care for support?
A. You will need to contact your Social Worker/Care Co-ordinator if you have one to request a referral to Treherne Care Group. The local authority (health or social services) are responsible for commissioning care and support packages.

Q. As a service user am I able to make recommendations for improving the care and support I receive?
A. Yes, we promote service user forums and opportunity to share ideas about how we can support individuals to achieve the best outcomes for them, (interests, likes, ambitions etc.). You can offer ideas during your Person-Centred Planning (PCP) meetings, and internal/external reviews. You can offer ideas, raise questions during Quality Insurance inspections from our Operations Manager, Director of Care visits and when the Responsible Individual visits as part of our compliance with CIW registration requirements. (You may need to ask someone to explain this to you).

Q. Can I visit my Son/Daughter?
A. Yes, this is an important aspect of an individual’s well-being and we like to work with family members to enable the best outcomes for the individual.

Q. Will the staff have experience and be trained who are working with my Son/Daughter?
A. Yes, all staff are provided with mandatory and service user specific training. All staff have a minimum qualification of NVQ Level 2 in Care of QCF Level 2 Health and Social Care. We promote opportunities for further qualifications up to QCF Lee 5 Health and Social Care. Managers can undertake higher level qualifications relevant to their level of responsibility.

Q. Can I be involved in the care planning input? Does my voice matter?
A. Absolutely, this is at the forefront of all support for individuals, however we do respect the choices of those able to advocate autonomy who may select limited input from family.

Q. What activities are in the area for my Son/Daughter?
A. Whenever an individual enters our service a needs assessment is conducted. Activities are then identified in-house and locally, according to their abilities and preferences.

Q. Are there work opportunities for my Son/Daughter?
A. we promote sheltered employment opportunities and support individuals to access a range of options within the locality.

Q. Can my Son/Daughter attend higher educational programmes, like college?
A. yes we work closely with the local college and actively promote engagement in courses of interest to the individual.

Q. Who regulates Treherne Care Group?
A. The Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) regulates our service. Our company is registered with CIW under the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016.

Q. Are support staff screened for previous offences?
A. As part of our rigorous recruitment process, all members of staff undergo a Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check and a Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (SOVA) check as part of the initial interview process. Recent legislation changes mean that all people working in a care capacity will be required to register with Social Care Wales.


Q. If I make a referral, how long would it usually take to decide on whether to proceed?
A. This depends on the information provided and level of urgency, type of service required etc. An answer is usually given on agreeing to assess an individual for consideration for our service within 48hrs or following a telephone conversation with the Care Co-ordinator/person making a referral.

Q. Is the organisation approved by commissioning authorities under particular frameworks. E.g. the North Wales Domiciliary Care Framework?
A. We have undergone the process with the North Wales Domiciliary Care Framework meeting its criteria and have the necessary contracts for service provision. We are also on the Standing approved list for residential placements for LD, MH or P&S disabilities [Mid & West Collaborative].

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